( Series: 400, 800, 1000, 5000, 5600, 5700, 9000 )

Mono-extruded gaskets made with a vinyl-based plasticised material (PVC), simple and coated with rubber, able to cater for a wide range of applications as regards appearance, mechanical and hardness properties


( Series: 2000 - 3000 )

Co-extruded with vinyl-based materials or coated with rubber to various degrees of hardness.

Profil Plastic is a pioneer in this type of production, having been one of the first manufacturers in Italy to use the co-extrusion method.


Series: PG – 5500

Gaskets in dynamically vulcanised elastomeric/polyolefin material, with a very high level of cross-linking, high elasticity, able to withstand high temperatures (from -40 to +120°) and ageing offered by Profil Plastic for uses and applications in which the seals are subject to considerable physical-chemical stress. The seals can be bonded by hot blade welding or by cold gluing using primer and cyanoacrylate glues.


( Series: 6000 )

Gaskets co-extruded with materials of different hardness with the same properties as PROFILGOMMA: high elasticity in the flexible soft part, no shortening lengthwise: see Profilgomma for the bonding methods

NOTE: Gaskets in the 5000-5500-5600-5700-PG series are made with the exclusive self-lubrication system.

NOTE: Gaskets in the  Serie 5000-5500-5600-5700-PG series are made with the exclusive  Self-lubrication system.