Our company uses technology throughout the entire production system, beginning with the choice of raw materials that takes account of the performance levels of each profile.

The dies are designed and constructed in-house in our workshop, allowing us to satisfy the customer's every need.

Production is carried out using constantly updated machinery, built to our own specifications

The working processes are subject to continuous controls carried out by highly skilled and specialised craftsmen

Packaging is handled by completely automated machines and with special packages that ensure the products are maintained to perfection.



With a constant commitment towards any innovative technical solutions that can be of help to the users of its products, in terms of both Installation and quality, Profil Plastic has devised the self-lubrication system 

An exclusive working process entails the use of a special lubricant in the mix of materials used to make the gaskets, which brings a double advantage.


A) The gasket has a virtually dry appearance without all the oiliness of silicone emulsion, but at the same time has a very slippery surface that makes fitting much easier


 B) The lubrication lasts for the entire lifetime of the gasket, ensuring that it stays soft and flexible all the time it is in use.



The self-lubrication process has been optimised with the help of the

“Industrial Chemistry Department” of the University of Pisa